Trout and sea trout fishing in Scotland

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trout fishing scotlandWild trout fishing in rivers and lochs

Brown trout are the indigenous trout species in Scotland and they exist in almost all natural waters, from the tiniest burn to the largest lochs. Sometimes they grow very big in lochs by feeding on smaller trout and charr, reaching to over twenty pounds in weight. These fish are known as "ferox". For the most part however wild trout of fifteen inches or more are highly regarded as sporting quarry by anglers. Although the trout season opens in March, fishing does not really pick up until April when large hatches of insects start to bring the trout to the surface for an easy feast. April, May and June offer tremendous trout fishing opportunities on the rivers and on many of the smaller lochs. Later in the season early morning and late evening provide the best chances of success during hot weather. Come September, the waters start to cool again and during the last few weeks of the season daytime hatches again occur. Trout fly-fishing divides itself neatly into two categories, rivers and natural lochs. The season for brown trout fishing is 15 March to 6 October.

Scottish trout vary tremendously in their characteristics from loch to loch and river to river. Their colours can be amazing, bright reds, yellows and orange, greens, indeed every colour in the rainbow. Their feeding patterns are quite varied also and so they can be caught on almost any fly or technique - provided that it is the correct one! Often the beauty of the fish alone is sufficient to make the angler gasp in admiration. This colourful little trout was taken from a high mountain loch where its ancestors have survived for thousands of years.

Some trout, especially those from deprived habitats where the water quality may be slightly acidic and larger invertibrates and insects are consequently scarce have solved the problem of growth by migrating to the sea to feed. These sea run brown trout or "sea trout" as they are known are magnificant fish and although they are the same species as brown trout they take on a different appearance becoming bright silver to cope with their life in salt water. Under Scottish law sea trout are "fish of the salmon kind" and are protected under the salmon legislation which is quite different to the laws relating to freshwater fish such as their resident siblings. Fly fishing for sea trout during the hours of darkness is one of the most exciting forms of fly fishing. It demands total familarity with tackle and your surroundings in order cast in the darkness without problems. Sea trout are shy during daytime in small rivers unless the river is higher than normal. When a spate (flood) is past they can provide superb sport during the day as the water drops and clears. Sea trout can also provide grand fly fishing sport in lochs. The

Trout fishing in rivers

Trout fishing in lochs