APGAI fishing instructor - STANIC, SGAIC & Level 2

Fishing tuition and instruction
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Fishing Instructor qualifications GAIA, APGAI, AAPGAI, FFF Master and THCI.

ally gowans and gary champion at aapgai
Ally Gowans & Gary Champion the UK's first qualified FFF Masters
Federation of fly fishers
Federation of Fly Fishers

There are a number of game fishing instructors qualifications available in the UK. Anglers are often confused by the proliferation of initials REFFIS, STANIC, SGAIC, GAIA Level 1 and GAIA Level 2 and the oldest and most respected of all, APGAI. GAIA represents its membership of game angling instructors and is responsible for the practical casting aspects of examinations for qualifications. The situation is not so bad as it looks because broadly speaking GAIA Level 2 and the now redundant STANIC (Salmon and Trout Association Instructors Certificate), SGAIC (Scottish Game Angling Instructors Certificate) and the current GAIA Level 2 (Game Angling Instructors Association) qualifications are much of a muchness in terms of tested ability standards, they are the basic levels required of an instructor and the qualification provides them with insurance for doing that job. GAIA Level 1 is the first rung on the instructor's ladder and it incorporates training on child protection legislation and a character check. Level 1 is intended for those who assist Level 2 or higher grade instructors. The fly casting tests required to be undertaken for Level 2 examinations are not quantifiably defined. A person must be able to demonstrate to a reasonable standard, the following casts etc. with a floating line and their own tackle.

Casting Routine for GAIA Level 2 trout qualification

  • Roll Cast Wind from left, from right (exchange if Left Handed), wind in front and wind from behind.
  • Change direction roll cast : Right to Left, small change and Left to Right, small change then Right to Left, large change
  • Overhead Cast Wind from left, wind from right (exchange Left Handed), wind in front, wind from behind
  • Continuous casting (false casting), change direction, overhead cast and shoot line.
  • Reach cast and slack line cast (own choice of method)
  • Overhead cast with single haul and overhead cast with double haul

REFFIS is a body of persons considered to have qualifications equivalent to Level 2 who specialise in guiding and prior to joining REFFIS will inspect the facilities that their members offer to ensure that they have a reasonable place to teach fishing.

APGAI The Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors Certificate and it is held by the most respected fly fishing instructor's in the UK. Game angling instruction as a profession is developing, tackle, techniques, standards and fishing opportunities change as time goes by. In order to ensure that APGAI instructors maintain a consistently high standard AAPGAI (Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors) was formed and it now examines to its own standards at three levels, Provisonal, Advanced and Masters.

ally teaches spey casting
Ally teaches Spey casting

Federation of Fly Fishers

Based in North America, the FFF is an international organization representing all aspects of the sport, from education to conservation. Its casting instructor program has certified more than 1,000 instructors throughout the world, in countries as diverse as the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. The FFF program certifies instructors in three categories: Certified Fly Casting Instructor, Two-Handed Instructor (THCI) and Master Fly Casting Instructor. FFF tests require an excellent knowledge of casting techniques and the ability to perform the casts to strictly controlled standards. The FFF Master Certified Fly Casting Instructor test is probably the most rigorous and demanding qualification available in the World.

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