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Fishing tuition and instruction
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Fishing instructor - Fly fishing lessons, fly casting instruction & tuition

Spey cast, overhead casting, Underhand casts, single and double handed fly casting instruction and tuition for individuals and groups. Fishing courses, schools and clinics for trout and salmon fly fishing. You don't have to be an expert fly caster to be a good or successful angler, there are many examples of anglers of poor technical expertise who catch their share of fish. Also there are those who are highly competent in the technical aspects of fly fishing but fail to convince their customers - the fish! In both cases quality instruction will improve fishing results and with that, satisfaction and enjoyment for the angler. Fly fishing is a vast subject and none of us will ever know it all. That is why it is so interesting, exciting and unpredictable.

fishing instruction scotlandOne of the words that you will hear time and time again in fishing conversations is experience, a very important asset that an instructor must possess if he or she is to be able to take a balanced view in giving advice to others. Experience is the foundation of all knowledge and for instance you will seldom hear an experienced angler pass on knowledge using the words "always" or "never". Near certainties may exist in fishing, but absolute certainties are not part of my fishing experience. And that experience extends to well over 40 years, from the time that I was a small boy listening to my father with intent as he passed down his fishing experiences. Knowledge grows quickly from a firm base with an expert tutor but for a fly fisherman the quest for knowledge is unending. After all that time, after APGAI, AAPGAI Master and FFF Master certifications after teaching and demonstrating at the highest level, after landing several thousand Atlantic salmon, countless trout and other species, after inventing some of the World's most used salmon flies. What do I know? I know that nobody will ever know it all and having discussed the volume of angling knowledge as a subject with many of my fishing friends from around the Globe many of whom are truly experts the consensus of opinion is that we are happy with our sport being this way because we can never stop thinking. Gift vouchers are available by return of post.

What my customers say

Just a quick note to thank you once again for a very enjoyable and useful session this morning. You have a natural and easy manner and this no doubt helps your pupils relax and hopefully remember most of what you teach on the day. I certainly feel more confident and am now looking forward to putting the things I learned today into practice. - John Munro

Thank you so much for a wonderful two days, your expert tuition . . . .. . . .and patience !
Debbie and I both enjoyed it tremendously and have well and truly caught the "disease". I got the hang of it in the end. You should have seen how elegantly the line was rolling out after you had left on the Tuesday evening ! Maybe I would have picked it up as quickly, and stylishly, as Debbie if I'd been paying proper attention to what you were telling me on the first day . . . . . .
Ewan Anderson

About 2 weeks ago I had my first day out after you gave me the lessons 1 salmon around 8lbs (returned) 1 salmon much bigger than 8lbs, lost after about 5 minutes, and a brown trout of 2lbs 10oz which came home with me. All on a stoats tail type fly. Definitely want to come up and see you again to "refine my style" but most of the casts went in the right direction and didn't hit anything they shouldn't have which made for a much more enjoyable day. Best regards - Andrew Swan

Just a quick email to thank you very much for the Spey casting lessons that you gave to my wife Morag earlier on this year. She joined me for three days at Ravenswood on the Tweed. On day three, after four or five proper offers that she did not connect with, she landed her first salmon totally unaided apart from the final beaching. A 30lb cock fish no less! The fish was returned but measured etc. The Tweed Foundation confirmed the length/weight conversion and the 30lb represents the middle of the range. Needless to say, Morag is now a confirmed salmon angler. Thanks again for all your help and advice. All the best - George Holdsworth

Just a short note to thank you for your wonderful instruction over the weekend. Your ability to analyse the complex mechanics and physics of spey casting, and communicate them simply and effective to your students was a joy. I now have the rod path for the single and double spey emblazoned upon by brain. Occasionally these mental pictures translate into some reasonable casts. Clearly much more practice is required before I become comfortable casting in public. Hopefully, by the time you return to refresh memories and teach new skills, I will have become a much more able caster. Bests regards! J. R. MacDonald (Alberta)

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