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Salmon fly fishing and Spey Casting instruction DVD

Spey Casting Made Easy

Price £25.00 (free postage).

Possibly the most instructional Spey casting and salmon fly fishing DVD. Efficient Spey casting, because the DVD teaches double handed Spey casting techniques in a simple and effective manner utilising ergonomics to minimise the physical effort required. Chapters on efficient Roll, Single Spey, Double Spey, Snake Roll, Snap Tee and Underhand casts and how to avoid common casting faults associated with these casts. Extra chapters on fly tying - Ally's Shrimp, knots, shooting line, sinking line and choosing the correct cast for the prevailing conditions. salmon fishing etc. The DVD was directed and produced by professional fly fishing instructor, writer and photographer, Alastair Gowans in Scotland, the birthplace of Spey casting. For hundreds of years Scottish fly fishermen have fished with the Spey, Double Spey, Switch and Roll casts where better to learn from?

Carbon fibre rods and plastic fly lines have brought salmon fly fishing with two handed "Spey" rods within reach of most fly fishers. They make casting much easier, less tiresome and with the new technology the Spey casting techniques evolved and improved. Shooting line was difficult with silk lines, however slick modern long belly weight forward lines depend almost entirely upon this technique to cast long distances and make Spey casting easy. Styles vary but to be proficient there are certain substantive rules that must be adhered to regardless of style, those are the rules of physics. Everyone is built differently and it is the professional instructors job to help students to observe the physics, make the cast in an efficient style and eliminate any faults. This DVD teaches the physics, ergonomics and the practicalities fo Spey casting in a way that most will find easy to understand and implement.

Ally has conducted popular and successful fly fishing schools and demonstrations in USA, Scotland, England and Canada for a number of years. This DVD is a rare opportunity to gain knowledge and experience from Ally, one of the World’s finest fly fishermen and fly casting instructors. Ally is an AAPGAI Master Instructor and an FFF Master and Two Handed Casting Instructor.

Some comments about the DVD:

Read the review by Trout and Salmon Magazine

DVD arrived and I must compliment you for the work you did. The instruction is clear, Spey casting is explained in a non-cryptic way and everything runs very smoothly. The catch of the salmon is really breathtaking and I have never ever seen a video where it is shown the real moment in which the salmon takes. Superb. Armando Quazzo, Italy.

The "making Spey casting easy" approach is obvious, so it is absolutely a worthwhile investment. I even got a few tips from your sequence on Ally's shrimp! Henning Lund, Norway.

Thanks again for the DVD. We have enjoyed watching it many times over. With the fishing being a bit slow up here I sometimes just put it on to watch you hooking that fish in the River Earn.         David Murray (sen & jun)

Your DVD has arrived and been enjoyed.  You certainly have a good voice for instructing and I like your accent on body movement. Good job! Wish you great success with the DVD. Joan USA.

Just a note to say how good your DVD is. Just back from the Tweed. Got a 9lbs, springer from under trees thanks to your Spey casting DVD. Bob Mitchell.

Excellent DVD you should be proud of it, not only a very professional presentation, but great teaching. I will recommend it to everyone I see although many will think they know it all anyway!! Innes Smith.

Got your dvd on spey casting, brilliant! I was self taught as are most anglers and can cast a fair line however the dvd has helped me big time in relation in highlighting some of the faults that I currently practice ie dipping the rod in the back cast to create a concave loop instead of drawing the rod straight back thanks again. Stephen Mahood.

Spey Casting Made Easy - Contents

Casting Rules
Roll casting
Single Spey casting
Double Spey casting
Snake Roll casting
Snap Tee casting


Which cast?
Casting sinking lines
Shooting line
Underhand casting
Useful Knots
Tying an Ally’s Shrimp
Salmon fishing River Earn


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