Perthshire fishing lochs

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Trout and salmon fishing lochs in Perthshire

Loch Tay at Kenmore
Loch Tay - fishing in Perthshire

Loch Earn

Loch Earn is about seven miles long and a mile across. It contains good numbers of brown trout, charr and rainbow trout, and some of them weigh several pounds. Fishing is available from bank or boat and fly-fishing, bait and spinning is allowed.

Loch Rannoch and Dunalastair

This loch is around 10 miles in length and it contains a variety of fish, including large trout and pike. There are also perch, charr and a few salmon (rarely caught). Fishing is available from bank and boats which can hired at Dunalastair Hotel. Dunalastair Reservoir is a shallow loch created by the hydro scheme and it has abundant insect life that is preyed upon by very large brown trout. They are not easy to catch but well worth the effort. Its root-infested waters are also the home to some enormous pike.

Loch Tay

This is a big loch, some sixteen miles long and a mile in breadth. Parts of it are deep and most of its fishing potential is around its wooded shoreline. Salmon fishing in the loch is practiced right from its opening day on 15 January. The loch produces a few monster salmon between twenty and thirty pounds most years. Trolling using Rapala plugs, Kynoch Killers, spoons and minnows is the most effective method for salmon fishing the loch. In addition to salmon there are goodly numbers of trout, charr and pike. Trout can be caught all around the loch shores. Several operators offer boats for hire for trout and salmon fishing.

Locg Leven, Kinross
Perthshire fishing Loch Leven

Loch Leven

Loch Leven is Scotland's most famous trout-fishing loch. It has a number of large boats, each of which can take up to three anglers. There is also ample parking, toilets and a bar. Such was the quality of the brown trout that they were recognised as a unique strain called the "Loch Leven" trout and were exported to many fisheries in Britain and abroad. In appearance the indigenous trout are bright and silvery, more resembling a sea run trout than a typical brown trout. The loch is a nature reserve and there are many species of birds to be seen.

Hill Lochs

A casual glance at an Ordnance Survey Map of Tayside, reveals a number of hill lochs scattered throughout the highland territory. There are boats available on some of the lochs. Trout are typically less than a pound in weight and sometimes only half of that. One or two lochs have better quality feeding that sustains trout that are larger than usual, perhaps up to two pounds. However what they lack in size, they more than make up for in fighting qualities. Sometimes they rise freely to the fly; occasionally they can be frustratingly difficult. Large trout are sometimes caught and these can be very large indeed, occasionally into double figures.

Stillwater Fisheries

There are a large number of stillwater put and take fisheries throughout the region, which offer convenient fishing mostly for rainbow trout and several of them specialise in producing large trophy fish.

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